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The more I learn, the more I realize how much I do not know..

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Today is the result of Yesterday (Part-V)

Today is the result of Yesterday (Part-V)

As I said, I’ll be recalling certain events which had taken place during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister that had far reaching consequences on Indian polity. Like many others, I too believe that some of the decisions taken by the government during his regime had sown seeds for the country we are seeing today.

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Nirbhaya – India’s Daughter

It has been more than three years since that dreadful rape and fatal assault of a 23 years old girl took place in Delhi on the night of 16th December, 2012. The degree of brutality inflicted on the victim by the wild animals in human form had shaken the society...

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"It would need a poet to describe what India means to me.. I can only say that I'm not alone among foreigners in believing there's nowhere like India, and no people like Indians."

Mark Tully (The Heart of India)

"This leaf, so complete in itself, is only part of the tree. And this tree, so complete in itself, is only part of the forest. And the forest runs down from the hill to the sea. And the Sea, so complete in itself, rests like a raindrop in the hands of God.."

Ruskin Bond (Raindrop)

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