Oh My God.. what a movie. I felt really grateful to all those who made this movie possible, especially those who could have created hurdles on its way and would have made it impossible to reach the movie to the audience in its present form.

I would not appreciate the movie as something of an ‘eye-opener’ for I believe that after certain point of time in life, people do realize such truths, but prefer to keep their views to themselves due to some sort of fear in their minds. More than the fear of God, it’s the fear of being targeted by unscrupulous people around, whose sentiments get hurt the moment a hat threatens to drop. Such people otherwise have very little to do with dharma as such and for whom performance of certain rituals and propagation of their own religion is what dharma is all about.

The movie has certainly succeeded in its efforts to show mirror to the society. It’s a brave effort on the part of the whole team involved and I congratulate all of them for making such a nice movie; and wish all success to the movie.