With the seventh and final phase of polling coming to an end, all eyes are now set on May 23rd when counting of votes would be held and results declared. The day would reveal to us the path this country has chosen to tread on, which seems to be standing on the threshold of a turning point. Worried? Yes, I am. In fact, I don’t remember being this anxious about the outcome of any elections before. But, howsoever worrisome this country’s current situation may seem, somewhere deep inside I know the people of this country have never made a wrong choice – not even in 2014 I’d say. It was the need of the hour – a decision, which was just ‘required’ to be taken in the prevailing circumstances.

Moreover, at times, even mistakes are needed to be made – to learn some vital lessons of life; to evolve as a better human being; to become more considerate and responsible citizen, who elects such people to power for whom this country is not just about a geographical entity but, to whom it’s more about its inhabitants and their overall welfare, which primarily lies in their peaceful coexistence, especially in a country like ours having such diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

At a time when ‘divisive forces’ are at play in a more fierce and blatant manner than ever, I see an India which is gradually uniting against such forces (of course, not those ‘unholy alliances’ that are taking shape for petty political gains) giving us the much needed ray of hope in this troubled time. I trust we all have learnt our lessons adequate enough during the recent years to have taken a wise decision and voted accordingly. I know I could be proved wrong on the 23rd; but today I just wanna believe and hope that everything would be fine on the day of reckoning and the times to come..

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