Now that BJP has declared Kiran Bedi as its CM candidate for the ensuing Assembly Elections in Delhi, one of my close friends, a Delhiite and an ardent supporter of Aam Aadmi Party, has made up her mind to vote for BJP this time. Like me, she is also of the view that no political party is actually serious about the issues concerning women especially ensuring safety and security of women in Delhi and that not much has changed even after the heart-wrenching Nirbhaya incident that took place two years back in Delhi. In fact, in these two years, we have rather seen politicians making irresponsible and derogatory remarks against women in an inhumanely insensitive manner. With such people in the positions of power, with such abominable mindset, I suppose nobody can really hope for a real change in the current scenario?

I remember one of such reckless comments made during Nirbhaya agitations. It was from Abhijit Mukherjee, son of the Hon′ble President of India. I remember this because; being a Bengali, his remarks (‘highly dented and painted’ pretty ladies) had hurt me the most. We do not expect Bengalis to deliver such nonsense, who are generally known for their intellect, political consciousness, literary and other cultural accomplishments. But, of course, things have worsened now; and after Trinamul Congress MP Tapas Pal′s rape remarks, we can now expect such rubbish from this region as well. Really unfortunate and highly disappointing.

Back to Kiran Bedi′s CM candidature, I am hopeful (or rather sure, somewhere deep inside) that, given a chance to serve, she would make sincere efforts to bring about the change people like me are aspiring for and would do something concrete to ensure safety and security of women in Delhi. Surely, the expectations are high because she is not being looked upon as just another big-mouthed politician, but as a person with true values, known for her honesty and eminence in public life. Most of us (who wanted her to be Delhi Police Chief once) still look upon her as the first women IPS Officer and feel proud of the fact, rather than as an associate of a political party.

Had I been a Delhiite, I wonder, whether I would have also decided to vote for the political party she is associated with, rather than voting for the party I support. I think I would have done just that; with a heavy heart (but full of hopes, at the same time), of course.

With this, I wish all my fellow citizens a very happy Republic Day. Jai Hind.

Ranjeet Chowdhury
January 26, 2015

One thought on “Kiran Bedi – BJP’s CM Candidate for Delhi

  1. The friend I mentioned about in my above blog, however, changed her mind at the last moment and voted for AAP on 7th February, 2015 saying “I respect Kiran Bedi a lot, but I think Delhi needs Kejriwal”. She is right – may be.

    – Ranjeet Chowdhury (Feb 7, 2015)

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