I am too small a person to say anything about Khushwant Ji. I would only say that he was one of the few persons I really admired and wanted to see at least once in my life. Such a great person he was.

I came to know about his demise only this morning through newspaper. I’ve almost stopped watching news channels nowadays (so partisan they have become). The news saddened me, but at the same time, I was glad that he went the way he always wanted to – peacefully.

A few years ago, he had written his own epitaph: ‘Here lies one who spared neither man nor God; Waste not your tears on him, he was a sod; Writing nasty things he regarded as great fun; Thank the Lord he is dead, this son of a gun.”

He did not die – such persons never die. He would always remain in our minds and hearts through his writings.

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