I have great admiration for this man for bringing Yoga to the masses. Prior to him, for people like me, Yoga was something too difficult and, in any case, not everybody’s cup of tea, at least. He introduced people to some very simple daily yogic exercises (mostly breathing techniques) to keep healthy by devoting only 20-30 minutes a day. He re-established people’s faith in Ayurveda and made them accept it as a credible form of treatment.

I do agree that fleeing from the ‘Satyagrah’ site to avoid arrest was an immature act on his part which painted him in a bad light as far as his leadership abilities are concerned; but since it is not known as to what actually took place on that fateful day which compelled him to act in such a manner, I desist from commenting on it further. While the incident has definitely damaged his political prospects, it surely brought him face-to-face with the challenges and harsh realities of public life; which is going to benefit him for sure in the long run in case he still chooses to lead the country politically.

As regards his ‘clever business acumen’ I would only say that no business acumen works unless and until you have people’s trust. People trust him because they have immensely benefited from his Yoga lessons and Ayurvedic medicines/home remedies he prescribed.

Baba Ramdev is an extremely outspoken man, who proudly stands up for what he believes in; and in the process he sometimes offends people with his bluntness and somewhat ‘hurtful remarks’, but considering the current political scenario of the country which is highly frustrating (to say the least), it is but natural if one fails to maintain a calm temperament all the time. The point is – however we may criticize this man for his immature demeanor or angry outbursts, he is far better than the people we vote for.

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